Many Parts are marked as exchange items. Note that when you buy new products an exchange with the old part may be required. This will be clear in the product description.

It is important to note that rebuilt does not mean brand-new. A unit being rebuilt will be stripped down, cleaned and inspected and re-assembled. Parts that are worn will either be replaced or reconditioned. It is not always practicable for major sub-components to be replaced with new ones, for example an exchange overdrive will not have a new outer-casing.

For most products we have abundant stocks, however, due to lack of availability on certain lines, some products are only available on a one-for-one basis. In this instance a recondition-able unit would need to be offered before we would supply a rebuilt item. In some cases we would only be able to recondition your own unit.

All exchange units are subject to a surcharge. A surcharge is required to cover us financially in the event that you do not return your old unit or if that unit is unsuitable for exchange. It also serves as an incentive for you to return your unit.

The suitability of your unit for reconditioning cannot be established until we have inspected it. Items that are beyond repair, for example brake calipers with broken mounting lugs, will not be acceptable for exchange. We are only able to accept whole units for exchange, i.e. an engine missing the crankshaft and a couple of con rods would not be viable.

Where old units are not provided at the time of ordering a separate refundable deposit will be requested;

a) By separate cheque with order

b) By separate Credit Card voucher.

If old units, excluding engines*, are returned within 6 weeks from the invoice date in recondition-able condition the above will be destroyed un-presented. If old units are not returned vouchers/cheques will be cashed and deposits returned at any time in the future when the old units are received.

* A refundable deposit of £200 plus VAT is payable immediately on engines

N.B. The blue deposit copy of the invoice must be returned with exchange units.